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* As for now, our stickers will have their home in the online store of our partner Nacra Sailing. We are in the process of migrating most graphics to our own, but it will take some time.

how does it work?

Realize your wildest technicolor dreams with photo-realistic prints on your sails. Download our templates, let your inspiration run free and show us your ideas. 

Provide us the right vector files (.ai, .eps or .svg) and we’ll take it from there. We’ll make an estimation and provide a quote. We’ll then meticulously measure & clean your sail, and print & apply your visuals. All you have to do is hoist your new sails and show off. 

Whether you want a full-color full sail print, or company logos for sponsoring, we can make it happen. Download the templates or fill in the contact form below and we’ll be in touch. Of course you can also reach us by email or phone. 


Pictures say a thousand words. Of course we can tell you what we do, but it’s better to show you. Take a look at our portfolio, we hope we’ve inspired you. 

i'm feeling inspired

Tell us your ideas and together we’ll make it happen.

Performance Sails offers a wide selection of visual options to make your sails stand out above the rest. And because we can print the majority of your visuals in-house, we can offer lower prices. By working closely with our partners, we can utilize groundbreaking technologies to ensure all of the visuals are ultra-thin & featherlight, flexible and most of all: durable under all weather conditions. 

All of our printing techniques are used with the environment in mind. We do not use chemicals that harm you, your sail or the waters you sail in; instead we use inks that are high-definition, eco-solvent, nickel-free & odorless; and most of all highly durable and scratch- & chemical resistant. Our coatings and inks are safe to use and last up to 3 years in outdoor conditions. 

We use custom-cut mono-color vinyl for the most rugged stickers to make as little impact on the environment as possible while being extremely durable, and our SPI-film© is an ultra light removable sticker that replaces expensive and toxic painting processes while providing the same vibrant result with very little weight increase.

And should you feel the need to swap or remove your visuals, there’s little to no adhesive residue remaining on the sail.

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