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Spinnaker prints by Performance Sails are among the lightest and most flexible ways to apply photo-realistic visuals to your new spinnaker. We use two different methods that are both safe and incredibly light & flexible at the same time. And because we care about the environment we sail in, both techniques have minimal impact on nature, are safe to use, and are non-toxic. It also means we specifically do not paint our spinnakers.

SPI-film©  is a revolutionarily thin film that is applied to new, unsiliconed spinnakers. Because it’s so thin and flexible, you barely even notice  you have a sticker on your sail. Another revolutionary technique we use is NaNo-print© , where we map and print your visuals directly into the fabric before we assemble your spinnaker. That way we can still apply a smoothing silicone treatment after assembly. It also means that the weight gain stays minimal: only 0.2 grams per m2. NaNo-print© is the same technique we use to make the official N17 Olympic Spinnaker.

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SPI-film© is a revolutionary technique to apply graphics onto a spinnaker. It’s incredibly light and flexible, so you will never lose shape and therefore speed – you will never have to sacrifice performance for looks. It even folds like cloth when you’re sailing upwind. Available in mono-color or a slightly heavier fully printed version.


NaNo-print© is comparable to inlay techniques other manufacturers use, but this new technique adds almost no weight increase while still giving a strikingly vibrant look. Specifically developed for the official Olympic spinnaker of the Nacra 17 Mixed Multihull class, you have guaranteed quality downwind.

how does it work?

Realize your wildest technicolor dreams with photo-realistic prints on your sails. Download our templates, let your inspiration run free and show us your ideas. 

Provide us the right vector files (.ai, .eps or .svg) and we’ll take it from there. We’ll make an estimation and provide a quote. We’ll then meticulously measure & clean your sail, and print & apply your visuals. All you have to do is hoist your new sails and show off. 

Whether you want a full-color full sail print, or company logos for sponsoring, we can make it happen. Download the templates or fill in the contact form below and we’ll be in touch. Of course you can also reach us by email or phone. 


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