Performance Sails is the official supplier of Olympic and Youth Olympic mixed multihull classes

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Performance Sails offers sailors the world over the best quality sails; from cruising, to racing, to official Olympic sails. We have a rich history of more than 30 years in artisanal sailcrafting.

We make winning sails for winning sailors. 

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Winning sails for winning sailors.


If a custom sail isn't custom enough. From country codes to photo-realistic full sail prints.

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Custom made sails. Any size, any cloth, for any occasion.

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who are we?

Performance Sails is all about making sails that give our customers more enjoyment through better quality and performance. We’re specialized in designing sails for multihull sailboats, and winning races is built into our DNA. Sailors around the world are using Performance Sails at all kinds of competitive races: from local racing events at the club, to World Championships and the Olympic Games. We are the only manufacturer of official Nacra Sailing sails in the world, including their Olympic N17 Mixed Multihull class.

This hard-won expertise from more than 30 years of success, is what makes Performance Sails stand out above the rest. Our handmade sails power more multihull race wins than any other sailmaker in the world.


At Performance Sails, we make a lot of sails. And we’re proud of all of them. To give you a small indication of our work, we’ve compiled a gallery. We believe these images show our dedication to the sails we craft, to the people we make them for, and towards the art of sailing.

our mission

Since 1988, our every day mission is to provide you with better solutions to empower you and your team on the water. Whatever the situation. Our no-nonsense approach to sailmaking means that every sail is made with optimal performance in mind. Speed, durability, control, power and reliability are core values.

Built entirely by hand in the Netherlands, our sails are made of the highest quality materials to provide sailors worldwide the highest quality experience.

what's in a name?

The name says it all. Performance Sails builds sails with optimal performance in mind. Our passion is to craft sails that give you the opportunity to focus on tactics, and therefore: winning.

We ensure racing sailors, from the youth sailing towards their first win to Olympic teams striving for that gold medal, the highest quality sails.

By being an industry standard we benchmark our work by constant innovation, at all times. We push our boundaries so you can push yours on the water.


We have a long and proud history of handcrafting sails to ensure the best quality and outstanding construction, which is why we’ve been at the top of sailmaking for over 30 years.

Our dedication to craftsmanship was rewarded in 2000, when we became the world’s first and only official Olympic multihull sail supplier. To this day, we handcraft sails that are tailor-made for the most demanding of circumstances.

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Finally. After months and months of work we’re proud to launch Performance Sails 2.0, phase…

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