We offer sails in all shapes and sizes, with a strong focus on racing catamaran sails. All of our sails are handcrafted and built for performance. Whatever the situation. Our every day mission is to provide you with better solutions to empower you and your team on the water.


The name says it all. Performance Sails builds sails with optimal performance in mind. The reliability, speed and power that come with one of our racing sails, give you the opportunity to focus on tactics, and therefore: winning. Together with our never-ending quest for innovation and the highest quality materials, it’s no surprise we’ve been an official Olympic supplier since 2000.

Every racing sail is handcrafted by a skilled team, one by one. We ensure racing sailors, from the youth sailing towards their first win to Olympic teams striving for that gold medal, the highest quality sails.

By being an industry standard, we benchmark our work by constant innovation, at all times. We push our boundaries so you can push yours on the water.

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At Performance Sails it's easy to be passionate about the sails we make. Being sailors ourselves, we are customers too and support sailors in their needs and wishes. We live to empower you on your next challenge. A relaxing afternoon on the lake, a multi-day trip on open sea, or a journey around the globe: if you can dream it, we can build it.

Sails that fit the masts perfectly by shape simply last longer. Durability of modern cruising sails is a key factor.

Every cruising sail is tailor made to match your boat size, budget and requirements.

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We at Performance Sails are specialist in multihull sails, from conception to final product. When it comes to leisure sailing, we provide highly durable sails for a relaxing journey. When it comes to racing, Performance Sails offers the best quality Olympic Gold medal-winning sails.

Our no-nonsense approach to sailmaking means that every sail is made with optimal performance in mind. Speed, durability, control, power and reliability are core values.

Built entirely by hand in the Netherlands, our sails are made of the highest quality materials to provide sailors worldwide the highest quality experience.

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As of 2020 we offer sailors worldwide new innovative options to customise their boats and sails. Whether you want to promote events or sponsors on your sails, a full-size lightweight print on your spinnaker, or you just want to spice up your boat with some decals. Take a look at our printing range, pioneered for both leisure and racing sailors.


From country flags for official team races or your company's logo, to ISO-codes and sail numbers. We print any official and non-official stickers on your sails.

We offer all-weather heavy duty vinyl in basic colors for long-term stickers on both sails and hulls, and high-quality full color high dpi printed stickers for sails. And because we are able to do this all in-house, we can lower costs drastically so you can worry about other things.

All you have to do is provide the files, and you'll have your stickers in no time. Of course we can also design something uniquely tailored to your needs.

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We are on the forefront of printing full-size graphics on spinnakers without losing durability or performance. Our newest range of Nacra 17 Olympic spinnakers all feature a full size country flag.

Without compromising quality or sail shape, we offer two options that are unique in the fact that they match the material's stretch properties, and are incredibly lightweight.

Utilizing the latest NaNo-print technology we can now print directly into the fabric, providing a nearly seamless full-size graphic design. Using technology, there is virtually no weight increase: at around 0,2g/m2 this is (depending on the size and material) about half a percent of the original cloth weight.

Another option is the revolutionary SPI-Film. With the properties of a sticker, but the look and feel of a paint-job, this ultra light-weight film is printed in full color. It can be applied directly onto any spinnaker fabric, new or older.

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