Performance Sails is the official supplier of Olympic and Youth Olympic mixed multihull classes

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who are we?

our history

passion   ∘  quality   ∘  innovation

Performance Sails is all about making sails that give our customers more enjoyment through better quality and performance. 

We’re specialized in designing sails for multihull sailboats, and winning races is built into our DNA. Sailors around the world are using Performance Sails at all kinds of competitive races: from local racing events at the club, to World Championships and the Olympic GamesThis hard-won expertise from more than 30 years of success, is what makes Performance Sails stand out above the rest. Our handmade sails power more multihull race wins than any other sailmaker in the world.

That’s who we are.

our mission

Innovation and the science of sailmaking is what drives Performance Sails. The result is faster and extremely durable sails that deliver superior performance to our customers around the world.

We only use premium materials, and that means you no longer have to sacrifice durability for speed. Our sails are stronger, smoother, have lower stretch, and are therefore faster. Our passionate experts will help you understand the performance requirements of your boat, which help us develop sails that are optimized for your boat and your local conditions.

Whether you strive to improve your Wednesday night race results, win a World Championship or an Olympic Medal, or just want to push your boat to the max blasting around the bay; Performance Sails will help you take your results to the next level.



tailor-made for
speed and accuracy

the loft

We have a long and proud history of handcrafting sails to ensure the best quality and outstanding construction, which is why we’ve been at the top of sailmaking for over 30 years. Our dedication to craftsmanship was rewarded in 2000, when we became the world’s first and only Olympic multihull sail supplier. To this day, we handcraft sails that are tailor-made for the most demanding of circumstances in our loft in the Netherlands. 

the team

The people that make sure you get the best.

Peter Vink

ceo, designer

Marc van Schaik

manager, sailmaker

Aref Hasanzadah


Timothy Ddumba


Terence van Veen


Afzaneh Mohammadi


Tim van der Ende

coming soon
f18 sails 2023

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